Crime Thriller Fella Says Hello

I write. I write screenplays and novels — and hopefully I’ll have a bit of news on that front in due course.

But when I’m not writing, I read. And when I’m not reading, I’m thinking about writing. And when I’m not – oh, you get the idea.

The more I read, new stuff, old stuff, the more I learn about writing, and plot, and character. This is me thinking aloud about what I read, and maybe it’ll give me a bit of space to occasionally show what I like doing.

But it’s also a chance to get to know you. Tell me about your favourite crime thriller novels and movies and such like. Tell me about new stuff and old stuff. Crime movies, TV and movies. Because I want to immerse myself in it. I love it.

I want to learn.

All the Best


4 thoughts on “Crime Thriller Fella Says Hello

  1. Mark P Wright

    Good to have you on board Mark, great George V Higgin’s review. Superb book.
    Be interested if you can search out James Mitchell, little read today. A wonderful
    writer, creator of Callan and When The Boat Comes In. Look out for Russian Roulette,
    its a corker. Hope the blog goes well.
    My very best wishes

    Mark Wright

    1. Crime Thriller Fella Post author

      Thanks, Mark. Really appreciate the first comment! I never knew the same man created When The Boat Comes In and Callan -a great show, and one of the few 70s spin-off movies in the UK to do justice to the original series. I’ll certainly do search him out… and I was thinking about revisiting those terrific Ted Lewis Carter books.

      1. Mark P Wright

        Mitchell’s novels are getting harder to come by. They are still available on line. Can sometimes be pricey. The late George Markstein, co founder of the Marjacq agency, who represent myself, wrote scripts for the third and fourth Callan series. Remarkable creative times, remarkable men.
        I’m afraid I dont share your admiration for Callan the movie. Yes, it is better than many of the
        70’s film spin off’s but it lacks the gritty edge the series had. Network DVD’s reissues of
        the complete series is a must have, as is Public Eye. Lastly, if you can find them, seek out
        P.B Yuill’ Hazell Plays Soloman (Yuill is the pseudonym for Terry Venables and Gordon Williams) who co created Hazel on TV, and Audley Southcott ‘Cross That Plam When I Come To It’ A great Public Eye TV Tie In novel (hard to find) Great, gritty British crime novels
        Chin chin

      2. Crime Thriller Fella Post author

        Those are going on my (very long) list. I only vaguely remember Public Eye — Alfred Burke, right? — it was a little before my time, but it’s always nice to see Nicholas Ball pop up in the occasional thing. Cheers, Mark.

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