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Writers’ Events Round-up!

Hey, you writery type — isn’t it time you got out of the house?

Don’t get me wrong, I love what you’ve done with the place. What colour do you call that — peach? But, you know, it’s good to get some fresh air, drink a bit of coffee, meet some people, learn some things.

Here’s a couple of events you may want to consider.

get-writing-2014-logoThe annual Get Writing! Conference takes place next Saturday, March 29th, at the University of Hertfordshire.

You find all the usual stuff: pitching sessions, talks, panels, workshops, competitions. There’s a networking lunch and plenty of opportunities to mingle .

This year’s speakers include – if you’re at the crime-writing end of the spectrum – M.R. Hall, William Ryan, Max Kinnings and Emelyn Rees. The building will also be chock full of agents and editors and important publishing persons, so get your those business cards printed out.

For more information, please make your way in an orderly fashion to this website.

So there’s that.

imagesBut, wait, I’m not finished with you yet. Don’t go off to that other website before I get to tell you about the London Writers Fair, which takes place in Foyles in London’s glamorous West End on Friday, April 11th.

It’s all part of the London Book Fair, which takes place that week. The Writers Fair is a special one-day programme for new novelists — in partnership with Curtis Brown Creative — where a limited number of people get to do workshops and take part in panels.

Yes, there are agents and editors and writers. Tom Rob Smith is going to be there, he’s good, and Adele Parks. And, yes, there will be networking opportunities for all.

Numbers are strictly limited, but I think there are still places available. You can find out more about it at this website.

Now get back to your writing.

The London Book Fair 2013

2col_298x200_lbf2013_logo_with_datesAttention all aspiring crime-authors – it’s the London Book Fair till Wednesday.

Look, Mark, you say, that’s all very well, but this book doesn’t get written by itself. I’m with you there, friend. But held at Earls Court in London, the Book Fair is where 25,000 literary agents and scouts, publishers, booksellers and marketing professionals all come to talk books and publishing. That’s 25,000 people who can help you along the path to getting published.

This year the Book Fair is making a big attempt to reach out to writers. If you’re an author, it’s one of the ways you can find out more about publishing or self-publishing, or get inspiration on how to break into an increasingly competitive business or advance your career.

The Author Lounge is a place that brings together experts from all parts of the publishing industry – from editors and designers and agents and booksellers – to share their expertise and insights into modern publishing with authors and unpublished authors.

There’ll be talks and seminars and discussions over the next three days, including a look at how the new digital landscape is opening up new opportunities for authors; how to make the most of marketing; and how to help readers discover your books.

And if you’ve managed to sign up for it, there’s also The Lit Factor – see what they’ve done there? – that gives unpublished authors the opportunity to meet and network with literary agents.

Authors such as William Boyd will at this year’s fair, as well as Roz Morris, whose terrific Nail Your Novel is absolutely one of the best writing books on how to write a novel you could possibly read.