TV Crime Log: Aquarius

AquariusHere’s an odd thing. Aquarius starts tonight on Sky Atlantic at 9pm. It’s a fictionalized account of events leading up to the Tate Murders about a cop, Sam (sounds like Zodiac) Hodiak – played by David Duhovny – investigating the disappearance of a teenage girl.

The creator of Aquarius stresses it’s not historically accurate, and is inspired by Charles Manson and his Family, rather than anything else, but it’s a curious whirligig of fact and fiction set in 1967 LA, man, and planned to run over the course of six seasons.

What’s odd about Aquarius, since you’re asking, is that it has been bumping along the bottom of the network ratings – I mean, it it would be hard-pressed to lose any more viewers – and yet has been picked up for a second series. So someone out there has been bingeing on demand.

6 thoughts on “TV Crime Log: Aquarius

  1. crimeworm

    Interesting! Something made me think it had a sci-fi vibe to it, but if it hasn’t….Don’t hit me with more good TV man, I’ve got the last two True Detectives to watch and that Bloomsbury thing too, and lots of books to read! The premise sounds good, I’ll give you that. I suppose we could watch one episode and see…. Thanks for the tip-off, I haven’t been watching much TV recently. The curse of the return of football (I love it really – though I only watch the Celtic games with him, and some big English games – he watches THE LOT on Sky and terrestrial. And women’s football, which he reckons can be every bit as good as the men’s game. Now I’m hearing “BT Sports” mentioned a lot….!) Sorry, totally went off at a tangent there….How are things going with you??? x

    1. Crime Thriller Fella Post author

      I’m very well, thanks, Linda. Sounds like you need to get yourself a second telly if Mr. Worm is going to hog the box and watch that much football. I like a bit of footie myself — but not that much! I’ve got practically all of True Detective to watch, but will happily give the Bloomsbury thing a miss. Too many books, too little time. x

  2. crimeworm

    I should just set up Sky on my laptop; irritatingly you can’t get it on my Kindle though you do get BBC and ITV iPlayers and live TV. And I can watch them anytime with the Sky catch up. And there are so many box sets I want to see! It’s books or TV, isn’t it, and I’m picking books…looking forward to new series of The Knick and The Affair though.

    1. Crime Thriller Fella Post author

      I’ve actually got it on my recording device to watch later, Christine so I can’t rightly tell you yet. No doubt if you like Mr. Duchovny, you’ll be looking forward to the X-Files mini-series they’re currently making — I know I am!


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