Crime News… About Me.

Following tense discussions with the other Fellas on the Board, I’ve been given permission to devote a whole post solely about a matter of grave importance.


Big Vin took me aside after the Board Meeting and muttered darkly that I shouldn’t make a habit of it. Big Vin is as wide as he is tall, with a temperament that even his former colleagues in the Mexican Death Squads considered questionable, and is not a man to be crossed. I was quick to assure him that I would be succinct.

But speak about me, I shall. After all, it’s why we’re all here. It’s why I’m here, at least – you may have other reasons. All those fantastic reviews, all those great Intel interviews, all that filler stuff about telly and movies, it’s all been leading to this point in time, to this post.

Because the fact is, it looks like I’ve got me a book deal. I can announce that I’m going to be published – we’re talking Autumn, 2016 – at Sphere.

I mean, christ, Sphere, the imprint of Little, Brown.

It’s been announced in The Bookseller, so it must be true, right?

I remember many, many years ago when I was a nipper, curled up on the sofa, devouring in one sitting the novelization of The Empire Strikes Back, which was published even before the film – or, at least, before I got to see it. That was a Sphere book. I never forgot that, and now I know why.

This is all wildly exciting – for me. Perhaps for you… not so much. But I appreciate your politely asking what genre it is.


It’s a crime novel. And I can assure you, if you’re worried, that there are very few jokes in it. No funny ones, certainly. The prose, like my gums, is raw and slippery.

So that leaves us with a few decisions to make. You may have noticed that the number of posts on this site has declined over the last two or three weeks, and that will continue for the time being.

I’d very much like to continue doing the odd intel interview and suchlike, but I need to think very carefully about what to do next here. I could always pimp my book with a merciless machine-like efficiency, but we’d both get a bit bored of that pretty quickly.

However, it’s true to say I like what we’ve done with the place, me and you together, and I’m not willing to let it go without a fight. So let’s take a big breath, let’s practice our yoga mudras, and we’ll meet back here very soon.

Oh, and here’s that announcement in The Bookseller. I’ve got my own tag and everything.

20 thoughts on “Crime News… About Me.

  1. Hemmie

    Congratulations, I look forward to reading your book! Please try and keep this site going, as I love discovering new books and authors, plus it’s fun to read!

  2. MarinaSofia

    Very pleased for you and hope you’ll find time to keep this site going as well (but we’ll understand if it will be far less frequently). I can always boast that I was one of the first to interview you about your ‘life of crime’.

  3. crimeworm

    Cannot believe I’ve just seen this. I’ve not followed the blog long, but it was apparent within reading one post that you could write. Damn well. And you’re witty too. I did comment on it to you, probably more than once, being me! I can’t wait to read The Two O’Clock Boy. And I wish you all the luck in the world. Not that you need it as, if it does exist, you’ve got the writing gene.

    Congratulations Mark! Wishing you all the luck in the world. Couldn’t happen to a nicer fella. xx

    1. Crime Thriller Fella Post author

      Linda, thank you so much. I remember your comments well, and they gave me a thrill of validation every time – but I had to bite my tongue as the wheels were in motion. You are clearly a woman with hugely-sophisticated critical faculties. I look forward to sending you a copy of TTOB when it comes out! x

  4. crimeworm

    It’s like that discussion in Trainspotting, the film, between Rents and Sickboy, about various musicians and actors (I’m pretty sure), saying they’d variously, “Had it. Lost it. Never had it to lose. Still got it…” etc etc. I knew you had “it”. I think Sickboy would say you’re a Sean Connery…or an Iggy Pop (Ziggy Pop, as Diane would say) and I agree. You’re not a Patricia Cornwell, in case you were worrying I was implying that…

    I remember your story that came second in the Emerald Street competition, about the walk-in freezer. What was it called? Not Frozen – not ripping off Disney, blatantly! Surely not….

    I realise now wheels were in motion….I will hold you to a copy of TTOB! And if you don’t have time to blog about what you read/watch as you put the finishing touches to no 2 and continue with no 3, tell us what it’s like having a book coming out! There’s lots of us would love to know how it happens. And it’ll build up a buzz – not that you’ll need one.

    And can I ask you – to what extent do you think blogging helped: a) when it came to your critical faculties, regarding what does and doesn’t work in crime fiction, and when deciding what you wanted to write; and b) did blogging help with your general writing overall, e.g. did you feel you were turning a better phrase – I don’t know how else to describe it! Sorry for being so nosy, but I’m curious (nosy!)

    1. Crime Thriller Fella Post author

      This is probably the only time me and Sean Connery will be mentioned in the same sentence, so I’ll take that!

      Ha, the story was called Thaw! I’d love to keep this blog going, but I need to get past the edits on this first book before I think about what to do with it — it will certainly transform into a full-blown author’s site. CTF has helped increase my profile in the crime fiction community, certainly, and put me in touch with other bloggers who – hopefully – will be interested in reviewing TTOB when it comes out, just like yourself, and also authors. It also helped me read reach outside my comfort zone, which I think was invaluable, so that I read lots of stuff that I wouldn’t usually pick-up. And it’s also acted as a kind of warm-up to my writing. My crime fiction is very different, it’s very dark and not at all whimsical, and it was kind of fun to take on this jokey persona. I’m hilarious in real life too. x

  5. crimeworm

    I think you’d be great company over a couple of beers – who knows, next year’s BloodyScotland, or the one after that. Not forgetting Mrs Crime Thriller Fella obviously! (Mr C isn’t into all the book talk…and I talk too much about books…but he’s pretty awesome when it comes to football – excellent recall, way back, especially when it comes to Celtic as he’s from Parkhead and mad keen fan. Can’t remember you mentioning football. Anyway, a book festival would be like something from Danté for him!) The Usual Suspects will all be there.

    1. Crime Thriller Fella Post author

      I’ve got a feeling we’re going to meet sooner or later. I saw you and Crime Thriller Girl were talking about meeting for a drink. Steph’s a friend, so you had both better drink on my behalf. Edits will keep me away from BS this year, I think, but next year…

      (I’m a West Ham fan, so that’s why I don’t have much to crow about footie-wise)


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