TV Crime Log: Dead, Saul & Bosch

The Walking DeadI’m making a prediction. You’re going to watch some telly this week. Nailed-on. It wouldn’t surprise me if you’re at home right now, with the curtains shut, sitting in a blizzard of chocolate wrappers, bingeing on Bargain Hunt. Don’t give me that look, I can see right through you. You people are so busted.

Now we have an understanding, let’s talk telly. Let’s talk The Walking Dead, which returns after its mid-season break. Huh, mid-seasons breaks. The times we live in. Say what you like about Hollyoaks, but it doesn’t stop every few weeks so the cast can get their highlights done.

Last time we saw Rick and his friends, there had been that little bit of unpleasant business at the hospital. The series picks up from there. So there’ll be bloodshed, a few old favourites will be culled and Daryl will keep recycling his arrers. Me, I’m going to be there just for Eugene’s tremendous mullet.

That’s on Fox at 9pm tonight.

One of the television events of the year premieres at 7am tomorrow morning. Tomorrow morning, you choke? Is Breakfast Time introducing a new sofa or what?

Better Call SaulActually it’s the Netflix premiere of Better Call Saul, Vince Gilligan’s long-awaited prequel – and quasi-sequel — to Breaking Bad. Bob Odenkirk plays the lowlife lawyer Saul Goodman six years before the events of Breaking Bad, when he goes by the name of Jimmy McGill. We are promised cameos from plenty of familiar faces. I do hope they’re not shoehorned in. And that prequel and sequel structure sounds tricky —  but if anybody deserves some slack, it’s Mr. Gilligan.

Bah, Netflix! Is that’s what you’re thinking, your mood will not be improved when we soon preview the third season of House Of Cards. And Daredevil, and Jessica Jones after that.

So the second episode of Better Call Saul is released tomorrow – at 7am, again – and then every week on a Tuesday till the first series ends. It’s already been renewed for a second season next year.

If the very mention of Netflix gives you indigestion, then talking about Amazon Prime Instant Video is hardly going to improve your mood.

BoschHowever, mention it we must, as Bosch makes its debut on the service on Friday. Titus Welliver – oh, that guy, you will say – stars in a series based on Michael Connelly’s popular police detective Harry Bosch. The show was greenlit by Amazon’s piloting scheme in which viewers were asked their opinions on whether they’d like to see more of it or not.


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