Movie Crime Log: The Interview

So there was this film that was meant to come out, starring two guys who have been in some okay to middling stuff, but then some people took a dislike to said movie and sent some nasty messages and released all kinds of data, and everyone went, whoa, that’s harsh, man.

So the movie was put back on the shelf until the whole thing died down a bit. All this business sent little tremors around Hollywood and beyond — kind of like the shakes you’re gonna get when they start fracking under your bathroom — leading to the resignation this week of Sony head Amy Pascal.

And now they’re finally releasing The Interview, they’re giving it another go. It’s February, who’s going to notice? And whatever the quality of the product – and we’re talking Rogen and Franco here, so I’m not going to let my hopes soar – The Interview will forever more  garner a small little corner of history where cyber-espionage mutated before the public’s very eyes into something quite, quite different and quite, quite terrifying.

I’m thinking you’ve probably seen bits of this trailer on the news, like, a lot:





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