Movie Crime Log: We Still Kill The Old Way

If you see some old persons glaring at you on public transport this week, don’t worry, that’s quite normal. It probably has more to do with failing eyesight than any transgression on your part.

However, if it’s some senior gentlemen staring out of a poster, that’s because there’s a crime film out this week. It’s called We Still Kill The Old Way and it features lots of veteran actors channeling their inner geezers.

Anyway it’s a battle of the generations as these old fellows — nasty gangster types from yesteryear — when you could leave your door unlocked, etcetera — go to war with a scroaty street gang after one of their own is killed.

So, yes.

It stars Ian ‘Templar’ Ogilvy – yes, him! – who has been missing from our screens for many a year. Ogilvy, you will remember, starred in Witchfinder General, a bone fide cult movie. That was, gosh, back in 1968.

Curiously, We Still Kill The Old Way shares its name from a well-regarded Italian film from the 1960s.

Anyway, it says here that the movie is available — if you really must get out of the house before Christmas — in key cities, from tomorrow. I believe it’s going to DVD literally seconds after that.

Now wind your neck in for the trailer, sunshine.


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