TV & Movie Crime Log: Remember, Deed

So BBC1 is going back into the spooky business with a new three-part series starting this weekend. Michael Palin makes a welcome return to acting in Remember Me, about a pensioner whose arrival at care home triggers a series of inexplicable events. It’s by writer Gwyneth Hughes, who wrote Five Days and The Girl and some other stuff.

The blurb really doesn’t give anything away:

At the age of ‘eighty-odd’, Tom Parfitt sits alone in his terraced house in the otherwise entirely Asian community of a small Yorkshire town, and remembers a strange drowned figure washed up on a beach.

Tom carefully fakes a fall to trick social worker Alison Denning into taking him into residential care. Roshana Salim, his friend and neighbour, is upset to see Tom leave, especially when he insists she must never visit.

At the old people’s home, Tom meets 18 year-old care assistant Hannah Ward and they like each other immediately. Hannah is puzzled to discover he’s brought nothing with him but an empty suitcase.

Social worker Alison visits Tom alone in his room to present a framed photograph of himself as a little boy, which she has brought from his old house to help him feel at home.

Mysterious noises bring Hannah running to find that Alison has fallen from Tom’s third floor window. In what looks like a shocking accident, the entire window frame has broken free from the wall. Hannah finds Tom cowering in the corner of the room, claiming: ‘There’s something missing, and I can’t find it.’

Remember Me is on Sunday night at 9pm.

Alternatively, if you’re looking to stretch your legs, you can always get out of your armchair to go and sit somewhere else — the cinema, for example.

In No Good Deed Idris Elba — we love Idris — stars as a charming sociopath who is invited into the home of a lonely mother and her two children. I will take a wild guess and suggest it all ends in tears before bedtime, and it looks like the trailer is on my wavelength.

Watch Idris get aerosoled!

He doesn’t look particularly charming in that trailer. So, look, while we’re on the subject, No Good Deed director Sam Miller directed some episodes of Luther. Feel free to rejoice because Luther’s coming back next year for a special mini-series — which means Idris is going to have to use a big stick to get that overcoat out of the Thames!


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