Movie Crime Log: Joe, Purge

Good luck finding anything interesting on the television, it’s still all sport, sport, sport. People running in circles. Get yourself out the house and into the sun. Better still, go to the flicks. There are a couple of movies out today that you may be interested in. No, madam, I’m not talking about Earth To Echo.

Poor old Nicholas Cage has become a bit fed up with all those internet memes about his shouty, jerky and crazy-eyed gesticulations in masterpieces such as Drive Angry, Ghost Rider and Knowing. So Nick has dialed it down somewhat in what is seen as something of a return to form – performance-wise, at least –  as a short-tempered, beardy ex-con in the movie Joe.

He becomes a role-model to a young kid in this redemptive Mid West drama, which features a lot of trees and shots of Cage sitting in a car drinking from a bottle.

The Purge was one of those low-budget high-concept ideas that really found an audience. The story of a family subjected to a night of terror on the single night Americans are allowed to commit brutal acts of violence was an effective contained thriller. But many complained that it didn’t really do justice to the central conceit.

So The Purge: Anarchy plays out on the lawless streets, where a grieving cop played by Frank Grillo – we like him – plans to get his revenge on the people who killed his boy. And this being The Purge, there are lot of people will knives and creepy masks.

See you on Monday, yeah? We’ll be back with another terrific Intel. Which author will it be, I wonder?


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