Movie Crime Log: Thrills, Jump, Pluto

We’re approaching that time of year when Daisy and Timothy, who work in television, take their brood glamping, and so the small screen crime dramas begin to dry up. Luckily, Hank and Cordelia, who work in film, know that the summer months are where all the money’s to be made. That’s why there are three very different crime movies coming to a big screen near you on Friday.

Cheap Thrills is one of those critically-acclaimed independent dramas with a cold, wet hole where its heart should be. Variety described it as a ‘thoroughly nasty piece of work.’ So count me in. Pat Healy stars as a down on his luck man who gets involved in a series of increasingly violent dares for cash. Matey from Anchorman is in it, and this lady:

For those of you who like your cinema brash and perhaps none too subtle, there’s always 22 Jump Street. Explosions, rap music, pratfalls, beer, cleavages, guns – it’ll be full of that kind of thing. It’s the sequel to – yes – 21 Jump Street, in which a couple of cops go undercover at a school. You see what they’ve done there – 21, 22. Clever. Anyway, in this one the same pair go to college.

The first film was a comedic riff on a US series which ran for five seasons at the end of the 80s, and which starred none other than Johnny Depp, in which babyfaced cops solved high school based crimes. Drugs and suchlike, I’d imagine, rather than thefts from the tuck shop. That one passed me by. I’m not even sure if it was ever shown in the UK.


Pluto is playing in key cities only, so if you live out of town you may have to get down to the park and ride. Looks interesting. It’s a South Korean movie about a boy at an elite school who will go to any lengths to get his hands on secret exam information and undergoes extreme initiation rites to become part of a secret clique.



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