Writers Events, Ahoy.

UnknownHere’s a heads-up to all you writery-types. Yes you, madam – and you, sir, in the fetching Tyrolean hat. You can’t just sit there 365 days writing, that’s preposterous. Sometimes you have to get out there and meet people. Yes, real people, not the ones in your head. However, there are a couple of events next weekend that may just tickle your artistic fancy.

The first ever London Author Fair takes place in London’s Covent Garden on Friday. It features seminars, workshops, one-on-one collaborator hubs – sorry, I’ve no idea what a collaborative hub is – a pitching event and networking opportunities galore.

It sounds a hugely useful event where authors can get up-to-date with all the goings on in the writing and publishing industries, discover new ways to get their work into the marketplace and, of course, get close to agents, bestselling authors and industry experts. There’s also a networking event, with wine and so forth, in the evening.

There are, apparently, a handful of tickets left. Go here to find out more.

The following day – Saturday – there’s the Getting Published Day, run by those nice people at the Writers’ Workshop. Again, it’s full of workshops and panels and agents and authors and publishers and networking opportunities and feedback on how to get published – all in the leafy heart of London’s Regent’s Park.

Getting Published Day is all about maximising your chances of success — hooking an agent, a publisher, find new ways to connect and climbing out of the dreaded slush pile.


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