Movie Crime Log: Survivor, Furnace

We’re just about at the weekend, and your thoughts may be turning to a trip to the cinema. You’ve seen that thing with the Oscar noms and the one everyone’s talking about, so let’s consider a couple of options out this very week.

There’s nothing more than acclaimed actors like doing than playing poor. Out Of The Furnace is one of those blue-collar movies featuring big hand-wringing performances. Christina Bale’s in it, sporting some facial hair, and Casey Affleck and Forest Whitaker – he’s good –  and Willem Dafoe. That’s an impressive line up of thesps.

When Affleck comes back from Iraq he’s at a low-ebb, and there are not a lot of jobs going, so he gets a gig with the local sociopath – Woody Harrelson is your go-to guy for that kind of role. Big brother Bale gets out of prison, and he’s not happy about this state of affairs, and goes looking to get Affleck away from all that crime and corruption. It all looks kind of intense.

If action is more your thing, Lone Survivor tells the true story of a group of NAVY SEALS who go hunting a Taliban leader and find themselves fighting for their lives.

It stars Mark Wahlberg and Eric Bana, and lots of hardware and, and it’s done very well in the States – looks like Wahlberg’s opened a movie without the aid of his little furry friend – although it’s caused something of a kerfuffle, according to this report.

Alternatively, of course, you could  stay in and watch the final episodes of Splash! The Bridge. It’s just a thought.


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