Movie Crime Log: Parkland

It was inevitable that at least one of this week’s releases was going to be about the JFK assassination. Parkland takes a different approach to the subject, focusing on a handful of people who were swept up in the events of that day, including the doctors and nurses who attempted to save Kennedy’s life, Oswald’s family and the man who took the eponymous Zapruder footage.

It’s got a nice cast, as well, including Paul Giametti, James Badge Dale, Jacki Weaver and Billy Bob Thornton.

For another quirky perspective on the assassination — and conspiracy theories in general — it’s worth checking out this entertaining short film by Errol Morris. It’s about The Umbrella Man, another curious character along the route of Dealey Plaza, who has long fascinated theorists. He was the only man in watching the parade that fateful sunny day in Dallas with an umbrella raised above his head.


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