Movie Crime Log: Lives, Bodies

A couple of modest crime movies are on limited release this weekend, released in ‘key cities,’ which usually means London, Manchester perhaps, Glasgow, a few others — but maybe not Staines.

No One Lives has a promising title, a veers more towards the horror end of the spectrum – so if you like bloody carnage, then this may be just keep you and the wife amused this weekend. Providing, of course, that you live in a ‘key city.’

It’s the story of a couple who are terrorised by a ruthless gang on the highway. Ooh, we love those highway to hell movies. We love The Hitcher! (sorry, Sean, not the remake). We love Duel! We love Breakdown! We sort of like Kalifornia! But, wait, there’s a twist — things ain’t want they seem, and the ruthless gang may not be ruthless enough.

No One Lives stars Luke Evans, the Welsh actor, who is The Next Big Thing. He was in The Hobbit and one of those Fast And Furious movies, and I think he’s going to be Dracula soon.

Anyway, here’s the red band trailer, so there are plenty of splatty SFX:

Ain’t Them Bodies Saints sounds a more considered affair — in fact, it’s described as a romantic crime drama. Casey Affleck stars as an outlaw who takes the rap for his wife and then escapes from prison because he can’t bear to be apart from her or their daughter. Bless.

Rooney Mara’s in it, and it all looks visually arresting in a Badlands kind of way — all that swaying corn! — and you can actually understand what Affleck is saying in the trailer, which is a good sign.

But, remember people, you better move to a ‘key city.’


2 thoughts on “Movie Crime Log: Lives, Bodies

    1. Crime Thriller Fella Post author

      Hi Regan, thanks for commenting. I know what you mean about horror movies, I can’t remember the last time I saw one that I really enjoyed. Sinister, Insidious, The Conjuring, they all seem to merge into one!


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