TV Crime Log: The Field Of Blood


It’s all happening for Denis Mina at the mo. Hot on the heels of her Crime Novel of the Year award for Gods And Beasts, comes the adaptation of her second Paddy Meehan novel, The Dead Hour, starring David Morrissey, Katherine Kelly and Jayd Johnson. Those of you who require a synopsis are instructed to read the following four paragraphs:

Glasgow, 1984 – Paddy Meehan now has her dream job as a news reporter working alongside George McVie. But all this changes with the arrival of new Editor-in-Chief, Maloney, a no-nonsense woman in a man’s world, determined to bring the newspaper into the modern age – against editor Murray Devlin’s wishes.

With Maloney and Devlin at loggerheads in the newsroom, an innocuous call about a disturbance in an affluent part of the city leads Paddy and McVie to uncover dirty tricks, police corruption, a government cover-up and cold blooded murder.

Initially told by the police it’s a domestic disturbance, Paddy’s interest is spiked when she recognises the female victim as a well-known human rights lawyer, Vhairi Burnett. And when, next morning, news breaks that Vhairi has been found murdered, Paddy spots an opportunity to report the news story of a lifetime.

But her investigation will bring conflict to the newsroom as well as putting herself and McVie in grave danger as powerful forces attempt to silence the truth.

Set against the backdrop of the miners’ strike, the second series of The Field Of Blood begins on BBC1 tomorrow night, Thursday, at 9pm.

I’m really digging the mustard colour scheme in that photo.

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