Crime Thriller Movie Log: Fast, Liability

As the summer rolls reluctantly into view, the movies get louder and dumber. This weekend’s big release, for example. Check this out:

Fast And Furious 6 is the latest instalment of the series which started out as a movie about illegal street racing and has evolved – if that’s the right word – into a series of heist capers. This time there’s some kind of global terrorist threat involved, and some of the movie is set in London.

But all you really need to know is that there will be lots of chases, outrageously unfeasibly stunts – and vests. Definitely lots of vests. These movies have some kind of fucked-up timeline which means that the events of the third film, Tokyo Drift, actually take place after the events of this film. There’s a post-credits sequence that introduces the villain of the next movie – who could it be, I wonder?

If muscly men jumping from speeding cars are not your bag, The Liability is a very British affair which features two hitmen who journey to a job in Northumberland. It’s apparently downbeat and quirky, with Tower Block’s Jack O’Connell as the youngster — The Liability of the title — and Tim Roth as the jaded older fella.

I’m guessing that events will spiral out of contral. People will die violently. There will be some swearing, perhaps a lot of swearing. And the two gentlemen will grow to respect each other across the age-gap. Always good to watch Roth in anything, though.

*cough* Statham *cough*


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