This Week’s Crime Thriller Movies & DVDs:

The movie adaptation of Lee Child’s One Shot, called Jack Reacher, did mediocre business in the US, and better in Europe, and made just about enough money for the film studio to be jacking up a sequel – but which Reacher book should be adapted next, Lee Child fans? –

Reacher may be worth another look now that it’s been released on DVD and blueray. At the time, eyebrows were raised at the prospect of the famously compact Tom Cruise — reports put him in the region of five foot seven, give or take — playing Reacher, a character who is six foot five to the top of his buzz-cut.

Cruise worked with director Christoper McQuarrie on the Second World War drama Valkryie — MCQuarrie wrote the script — and for that reason alone, folks should give Jack Reacher the benefit of the doubt.

If you do rent or buy it, this is the kind of thing you’ll be watching:

Bernie is a Jack Black movie, but don’t let that put you off. It’s based on  a true story about an assistant mortician in a Texas town called Bernie Tiede who formed a relationship with a cold and unpleasant widow, killed her and then used her money to support the local community. It’s directed by Richard Linklater, who worked with Black on School of Rock.

But of course, not many people will be going to see that, because everyone will be flocking to see this…

If you like your crime to be gritty and realistic you may want to give Iron Man 3  a wide berth. However, if you like your crime solved by a flying billionaire in a red and gold suit, then Iron this superhero threequel is probably your kind of movie.

The script,  based partly on the well-regarded Extremis storyline from the Iron Man comics, finds Tony Stark recovering following the events of The Avengers, and facing a new villain, The Mandarin. Early reviews have been very good, but whatever the quality, it will earn zillions at the cinema. My IMAX tickets are booked.



2 thoughts on “This Week’s Crime Thriller Movies & DVDs:

  1. Chris Allen (@IntrepidAllen)

    Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher? I’m not convinced that Mr Cruise is the right fit for a part like this! As far as I can see he’s annoyed a legion of Lee Child fans by stepping into a role that is built around the physicality of the lead character. It shows me how important it is to look after your readers and stay true to origins of the story and principal characters when diversifying into TV / film iterations of your books.
    Regarding Iron Man 3 – I’m looking forward to a great night’s entertainment when my wife and I finally get to see it! – PS offers to babysit out two little rascals are welcome 🙂 Robert Downey Jnr is a pleasure to watch.
    Cheers, Chris

    1. Crime Thriller Fella Post author

      Hi Chris, you have a very good point. A Liam Neeson or Ray Stevenson type would have done the business, or possibly Peter Crouch. Sadly, Lee Marvin isn’t available. But I guess the thinking was that Cruise was a very sure bet. He still does really well internationally — I thought Child was very gracious about his casting. Cruise seems to be hoovering up every action-adventure franchise going at the moment. There’s Reacher — which still could go to a sequel — and Mission: Impossible, of course. And he’s just signed to play Napoleon Solo in The Man From Uncle movie alongside Armie Hammer as Kuryakin. I’d love to see that set in the sixties. It was originally going to be made by Soderburgh and George Clooney, which would have been perfect. Ah, well.
      Like you, I’m so looking forward to Iron Man 3. And so pleased for Downey Jr — the casting just couldn’t be any better. All the Best, Mark.


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