Crime Thriller Movie Round-Up:

imagesSome movies that may be of interest to Crime Thriller fans come out in the UK today:

Spring Breakers is a lurid, over-the-top crime drama about four childhood friends, Faith, Brit, Candy, and Cotty, who go on a spring break vacation and rob a fast-food restaurant using hammers and water pistols. When the girls are thrown in jail, they’re bailed by a drugs dealer who expects them to repay his generosity with some more dirty work.

Spring Breakers features Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens, both cutting loose from teen queen expectations, in a movie that’s all sound and fury and hedonistic adolescent anger. As the trailer suggests, it features a lot of acting in bikinis, and James Franco:

Spring Breakers also has a soundtrack that features Cliff Martinez, who produced the fabulous ambient soundtrack to the movie of James Sallis‘s Drive.

If that edgy teenage anarchy all sounds a bit shouty and profane, the Sandra Bullock FBI comedy The Heat is out today. She stars as an FBI agent who teams with a Boston cop, played by Melissa McCarthy — by law, every comedy this year must star Melissa McCarthy — to take down a ruthless drug lord. Here’s the trailer…

Also getting a limited release is The Expatriate, which was once called Erased – a movie getting its name changed is always such a good sign – and stars Aaron Eckhart (whom we liked in The Dark Knight). The Expatriate is about a former CIA man who goes on the run with his estranged daughter when his identity is erased as part of an international conspiracy.

Yes, it’s basically a remake of every thriller movie made in the last ten years, but looks jolly enough. I predict chases along cobbled European streets and gunfire, and lots of shattering glass. But don’t take my word for it…

At least one of those movies will be showing at a cinema somewhere near you this weekend, I’m almost certain of it.

And while we’re on the subject of movies, congratulations to SJ Bolton, whose book Sacrifice, is to become a film starring Charles Dance (he’s very good), and Rupert Graves (yes, we like him).

Sacrifice was SJ Bolton’s first novel, and since then she’s gone from strength to strength. Her new Lacey Flint novel Like This For Ever is out very soon — more about that next week.


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